Nikola Tesla and the Suppression of Free Energy Technologies

Published: 04th January 2010
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I was primarily going to write an article about Nikola Tesla. However, it morphed into an article on the suppression of free energy inventions. Today there are over 6000 patents regarding energy technologies being suppressed in the USA on so-called security grounds.

In a way the suppression of free energy technologies started with the suppression Tesla's Wardenclyffe Project and his many other inventions many of which are still classified by the USA government.

Tesla gave us x-rays, photography, radio, AC electricity, AC polyphase, robotics, wireless control systems, energy amplification and transformation along with quite a few other inventions over a hundred years ago.

It is interesting to note that when Tesla invented, for lack of a better word, AC electricity, Thomas Edison did everything in his power to try to discredit him.

Tesla was brought down while he was working on the Wardenclyffe Project. The Wardenclyffe Project was an early wireless telecommunications tower designed by Tesla. The tower was intended for the use of commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, broadcasting as well as demonstrating the transmission of electricity without interconnecting wires.

To finance the Wardenclyffe Project he made deals with various financiers including the devil, J P Morgan.

Basically the Wardenclyffe Project would have provided free energy to the world, as wireless energy cannot be metered. Once J P Morgan realised that the electricity could not be metered he pulled the plug on the project by withdrawing all funding for the project and persuading all other financiers to do the same effectively ruining Tesla's career.

What I found interesting it that when Nikola Tesla died, Hoover and his G-men appropriated, from four different storage locations, hotel storage, hotel room and safe, enough material and papers to fill the estimated equivalent of a railroad boxcar. Only an around 150,000 documents were released to Tesla's Yugoslavian relatives and are now kept by the Tesla Institute in Belgrade.

The rest of Tesla's papers are still classified, literally masses of notes, documents, drawings, and plans. The USA government, like in so many cases, spread a rumor that "Tesla never kept notes" - a blatant lie if there ever was one.

I propose that you take the time to think and imagine what Tesla's wireless transmission of electricity would have meant to humanity. How much further we could have gone if energy was no longer a problem!

Unfortunately, Tesla was the first to suffer the fate suffered by so many inventors working in the field of free energy technologies.

Imagine what our world could be like once this suppressed technology is released! We would be able to live in world of science fiction reality.


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